Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yard Sales on Thursday?

I went to a yard sale on Thursday that really, technically wasn't a yard sale.  It was inside in a huge building.  I'm really not fond of indoor yard sales because you never know what's  inside.  First thought I had was, "Do I really want to get out and go in"?  I was by myself because my  trusty friend Jennifer had to work. We always travel together.

I got out of my car knowing I had nothing that I could use as a weapon.  But, I thought, what if that one thing  I just had to have was in there.  So I turned the door knob and as I slowly entered I noticed that there wasn't much light. In the distance I saw a figure that resembled a person. Suddenly I heard somone say, "Hi, come on in".  I let out a resounding sigh and knew I had hit the mother load.  Inside was a lot of stuff that didn't really look like much, but I could tell there must be a hoader living here and she and I were seeing eye to eye on what's important in life.  STUFF!!!
After looking through stacks of stuff and tables full I purchased a 1980's Strawberry Shortcake Christmas Tree for $1.50.  I kinda have the "eye" for searching for that diamond in the rough.  I also bought a Strawberry Shortcake Salt and Pepper shaker for $1.50.  As I left with items in hand  I couldn't wait until I got home and looked it up on Ebay.  I like to do my research before I post it for sale.
Well, I didn't get that million dollar item, but I did find out that the Christmas Tree went for $8.99. It's not that million dollar item, but it's mine.

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