Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Proud Mother

I guess all my years of talking about being thrifty and thrift store shopping has finally paid off.  I was thrown off my feet when, Coty, my oldest son, told me that he wanted me to take hime Thrift Store shopping!!!! Yes! You heard right.  I've won!!! 

Last night I had visited my mom and dad and when I returned home Coty is sitting at the computer listening to music.  I took off down the hall and about midway I heard, "Mom!".  As usual I kinda ignored him, but he insisted that I come to hear what he had to say. "Mom whatcha doin' on Saturday?"  "Nothin",  I replied.  Well, will you take me to the Thrift stores?  What??  Did I hear him correctly? I asked again before I got my hopes up.  Maybe I heard him wrong.  I am getting older.  Almost 50 you know.  But I was right.  He wants me his loving mother, who bore him from my loins, had come over to my side.  He'll be 24yrs. old on Chistmas Day and it had finally came to fruition.  He wants to go shopping for a twead jacket.  I think he's into the vintage look for himself.  He likes Mad Men and I think that's where he's getting his style.

Who cares I can't wait until Saturday.  We're going thrift store shopping!

Imagine the state I'll be in when I get him to go to yard sales. Those who know me know that it's just a matter of time.

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