Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm a Picker

I know all of ya'll has been wondering where I've been.  I've been pickin'.  I have been buying stuff to repaint or rework.  I've bought picture frames, mirrors and candle holders to repaint for my sewing room and other parts of the house.  I had my sewing room painted and my living room, kitchen, hall and dining room.  I painted my sewing room a lime green and I'm gonna use red and black accents.  The rest of the house I painted a golden color and it just makes the house look brighter.  It's definitely cleaner looking.  

I really enjoy hunting for stuff.  I'm gonna have to get where I enjoy redoing stuff too.  Every time my husband comes home on the weekend I know he's not surprised to see something else piled in the basement.  Jennifer, a good friend, and myself do yard sales almost every Saturday.  Sometimes I do Fridays too.  I was in Nashville, TN, this weekend and couldn't wait to go yard saleing(I know that's not a word), but it rained.  Talk about being pissed.  I was.  I did stop at a couple in the rain and bought a lamp shade and a pillow.
I only paid $2 for this one and
I paid $1 for this pillow at the same yard sale.  I think I did pretty good.
The pillow I'm gonna put on my bed.  It's brown and blue.  I thought it would be pretty and add some lighter colors to the bed.  The lamp shade I'm gonna put on my $2.50 lamp. I'm painting it and it's not completely finished.  I will be sure and let you see the lamp when I get finished.  

I have also been looking at some great websites and I will put them up and let you see them and tell me what you think about their decorating techniques.  I'll assure you it will be better than mine, but I'm getting better.  If you stay up with my blog I hope you can see me "mature" in my designs.

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