Saturday, January 8, 2011

Camera 101

I've been really busy the last few days trying to learn how to use my new camera.  It's a Canon Power Shot XS30IS.

 It's a whole lot better than the one I had.  My old one was about 5 yrs. old and you really couldn't do anything but point and shoot.  I've been practicing taking pictures of alot of different stuff.  I really wanted the camera so that when the grandkids started coming along I'd have a really good camera.  I also wanted one to take better pictures for my Etsy shop ( and for stuff I sell on Ebay.  I've taken some pictures that really suck.  Take a look at the pictures I've posted and you'll see.

See, I told you they sucked.  Believe it or not I think I actually put these on my Etsy site.  I really have sold some necklaces with the sucky pictures. 

I started looking for some instuctions on taking better pictures.  I found this one it's a really good link for learning about photography( If you want to take more good pictures this may be the site for you too. I know that I've learned alot about using my camera.  Hopefully, I will be able to show you some good pictures later on.

While surfing the internet I decided that I need a camera bag, tripod and a light box,.  The tripod is gonna come in handy for shooting photos of my family and our dogs and stuff like that. I found this one on Amazon for about $20.
 The camera bag is so that I don't get my camera scratched up.  They're kinda expensive, but I want one anyway.  I found a bunch of sites for really cute bags and I found this one on Etsy. I thought it was really cute.  I'm about cute. I like bling too, but I couldn't find one with any bling.

The light box is something that you use so that you don't get alot of shadows and you get brighter pictures.  I've made one before and it worked o.k.  They have them for sale on line.  I found this one on Amazon and it's only $35.

I'm gonna look around and see what I can find before I buy these on line.

I've learned alot about using my camera and I know that this could be a great hobby for me.  I'm gonna keep learning things and I'll pass them along. 

Happy picture taking!!


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