Thursday, February 9, 2012

Prom Season is Here!

Already getting phone calls for prom dress alterations.  Yea, I do alterations for the public.  I like altering prom dresses and wedding dresses.  It's fun to see what the girls are wearing these days since the last time my daughter wore a prom dress was-ah!-let me think.  That long.  
I really taught myself how to do alterations and it's not really all that hard it you think about it. I always tell people that if I can take it apart I can put it back together again.  
Hemming and taking up the shoulders and the sides seems to be the biggest part of what I do.  If you need some help you can always email me with a question.
The picture below is a dress that I've replaced the zipper in.  I hate doing that!.  But sometimes those size ? girls try on those size ? dresses.  Don't want to hurt anyones feeling.  

I will posting more about alterations and some of the things I'm working on now shortly so just keep checking back.


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